Choosing Door Hardware for Your Home: Doorknobs or Door Levers?

Choosing Door Hardware for Your Home: Doorknobs or Door Levers?

When choosing new doors, one of the decisions you will need to make is what type of door hardware. Read on to see what’s best for your needs!

When you are choosing new doors for your house, one of the many decisions that you will need to make is what type of door hardware is best for your needs. Two of the most popular choices are doorknobs and door levers. Which should you choose for your house?  

The Benefits of Classic Doorknobs 

Doorknobs are the most popular type of door hardware, and that’s for a good reason. Doorknobs are available in an endless array of styles, colors, finishes, and designs. This means that it is very easy to find something that is a perfect match for your design aesthetic and your door. Additionally, because doorknobs are so popular, they are surprisingly affordable and very practical. You’ll be able to turn the knob either way, and there are a variety of ways that you can grip the doorknob.

The Downsides of Classic Doorknobs 

One of the biggest reasons why people explore other types of door hardware is mobility issues. If you have children or seniors, making the twisting motion to open a doorknob can be challenging. As a result, some people investigate door levers instead.

The Benefits of Door Levers 

Door levers are the sleek older siblings of classic door hardware. Door levers are becoming more commonplace for interior and exterior doors thanks to their versatility and ease of operation. Just like traditional doorknobs, you can find door levers in a broad range of styles and finishes. Additionally, door levers have also gained popularity in the wake of the pandemic, as you can easily use your elbow to open them, unlike traditional knobs.

The Downsides of Door Levers 

There are very few downsides to choosing door levers, but one of the biggest is that they might not meet your aesthetic goals. Door levers are a little bit more modern, so they are not always the best fit for rustic or traditional homes and businesses.

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