4 Avoidable Door Installation Mistakes

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Sometimes the thing you need to pull together a recently remodeled room is new door installation.

Today we’re going to discuss door installation. Sometimes the thing you need to pull together a recently remodeled room is a new door. New doors, interior, and exterior make the whole room feel complete, but that problem is that it doesn’t take a lot to make mistakes when installing new doors. Four of the most common door installation mistakes can cost you a lot of time and money to repair, and you’re much better off if you avoid them in the first place by getting your doors installed by a professional. 

Incorrect Hinge Screws

Many people don’t know that the hinges and the hinge screws are as important as the door itself. If you choose the incorrect size, it can lead to problems with the door down the line. Mostly this is an issue if the hinges are too small, though too large hinges will look odd. Also, too-small hinges, however, won’t be able to hold the weight of the door over the long term, and eventually, it will start to drag along the floor, or it will fail to fit correctly in the frame. 

Screwing Screws In Too Much

Most people assume that tighter is better, but that’s not always true, especially of screws and wood. This is because over-tightened screws can put tension on wood that causes it to warp. 

Incorrect Tools

If you find that you don’t have the adequate tools to do a job, that job will take that much longer than if you did have them. If you’re only hanging one door, it doesn’t make sense to purchase specialized tools, especially if they’d be as expensive as having a professional install the door. The bottom line is that even having the right tools doesn’t mean you’d install the door correctly. 

DIYing Doors

Most people who choose to DIY their door installation do so because they want to save money. What they often don’t take into account is the cost of their own time. While installing your door does mean that you don’t have to pay someone to be there, it often takes a lot more time when you do it yourself. Why? Most people don’t know how actually to install a door, and they spend a lot of time trying to get it right. 

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