3 Common Door Installation Mistakes

3 Common Door Installation Mistakes

A new door installed at your house is an exciting thing. Read on to learn some things to avoid damage to your home during installation.

Having a new door installed at your house is an exciting thing, as it’s always fun to customize your living space and improve the energy efficiency of your home. However, there are some common door installation mistakes that can lead to damage to the door itself or your house. What are some of the mistakes you should avoid?

An Uneven Door

The most common door installation problem is a door that is misaligned or uneven. This can happen for a variety of reasons. For example, the hinge side of the door could be misaligned. To test this out, put a level on the hinges of the door. If they are not level, it’s a sign that something needs to be adjusted. However, if your door is showing that it is the level at the hinge, you might have an uneven level of the floor. This is particularly common with carpets and rugs, and you may need to trim the door jam in order to rectify this problem.

A Door That Seems Loose

Uneven doors typically have problems closing, but you can also have a door that opens a little bit too easily. If you find that your door is opening or closing on its own, the problem most likely lies with the hinges. During the door installation, there is a chance that the hinges were lubricated to the extent that the door opens too easily. To fix this, apply resistance so that the door does not naturally swing open under its own weight.

A Door That Is Too Long

This door installation mistake can happen due to not measuring the door correctly or due to quirks in the doorway that you are installing the door in. If you find out the door is dragging on the floor, the easiest way to repair it is by shaving or sanding the bottom of the door.

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