Winter and How it Can Affect Your Doors and Windows

Here is a detailed look at how winter affects your doors and windows.

We stress the importance of having high-quality doors and windows, especially during winter. Winter has an undeniable impact on doors and windows. Swelling can happen as well as warping and drafts. Having the right exterior doors and windows can help keep your home warm and lower energy bills. If you know that you need to invest in replacement windows and new exterior doors, then we’re an expert full-service lumber company that you can trust. Here is a detailed look at how winter affects your doors and windows. 

Bowing, Warping, and Shrinking

When it comes to particular materials, such as wood, temperature, and humidity can impact its structural integrity. Sometimes, in extreme cold, wooden doors, door frames, and window frames can shrink. In the case of excessive humidity, they can begin to bow or warp. Because of this, maintenance matters. You should always treat wood with a painter or sealer. Vinyl replacement windows are favorable because of this reason. Our partner, Andersen Windows, offers a variety of energy-efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and durable windows that are no match for winter.

Ice Formulates

Weatherstripping often needs replacement because of ice forms in the open spaces between doors and windows. When warm air with a lot of moisture escapes through these tiny openings, it can freeze on contact with the chilling air outside. Opening a window can become challenging without cracking the weatherstripping. As a result, ice can accumulate abundantly. At this stage, doors can become difficult to close as well.

Hardware Can Begin to Fail

Doors and windows are more than just their material. It’s the hardware that allows them to function correctly. Owning a stylish exterior door is always the goal, but more importantly, the hardware will enable it to open and close and lock and unlock. The same goes for windows. Latches, hinges, handles, and other mechanisms can jam due to ice buildup or other winter weather issues. Casement and awning windows are more vulnerable because it’s more complicated to work them compared to windows where they only slide open. Not only are we a full-service lumber company, but we specialize in hardware as well.


During the winter, no one wants a cold home. Doors and windows that don’t have the right fit, are old, or insulated inefficiently is what causes drafts. Weatherstripping can help, but more often than not, investing in replacement windows and new exterior doors are the best solution. 

If you need replacement windows or exterior doors, give us a call. For exterior doors, we partner with Therma-Tru, Simpson, and Masonite

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