Choosing The Best Front Door Color

Here are a few excellent suggestions that will help you choose a great front door color. 

The color of your front door says a lot about you, believe it or not. There’s a psychology behind color choices and what specific colors mean. Adding color to your front door is a nuanced way to help your home stand out (but be careful of standing out too much). If you follow our blogs, you already know that our manufacturers Therma-Tru, Simpson, and Masonite, offer the high-quality exterior doors that your home needs. Now, let’s talk about color. Here are a few excellent suggestions that will help you choose a great front door color. 

Consider The Style of Your Home’s Architecture 

If your home’s architecture is traditional, then rich and deep colors such as black, navy blue, green, or a deep red are ideal. More modern or contemporary homes usually are well-suited for bolder colors. Cottage or farm-style homes often take from nature and feature an exterior door that has bright coloring. 

Contrast Works

When an exterior door matches your vinyl siding, it makes your home look dull. Whites, neutrals, and taupes have a classic charm, but if your vinyl siding is white as well or neutral-colored, then this may not be the best color choice. Lighter colors work well when a home has darker exterior features. In this case, contrast works.

Go for What’s Popular

The most popular front door colors are white and red, then blue, green, and brown follow after that. Keep in mind that white is a challenging door color to have as far as maintenance. Dirt and debris can make it appear dirty, so make sure to clean a white exterior door as often as possible. Pink is typically the least popular front door color. 

Being creative and unique is always excellent. It’s your home, so you can design it however you like. Just be mindful that if you plan on selling your home, the front door and porch are the first part of your home that a potential buyer will notice. If this is the case, a traditional front door color would be best. 

A Final Note

Exterior doors are significant because, depending on their design, they can make a home so warm and welcoming. You can stick to traditional design trends or implement something completely different. Whatever front door color you choose, make sure that it flows with the overall aesthetic of your home. If you need new exterior doors in your home, make sure to give us a call. 

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