What’s the Significance of Using Floor Trusses?

The structure that supports your flooring is likely not something you spend much time thinking about. Most flooring traditionally uses joists as the support, but an alternative to joists is manufactured floor trusses. Floor trusses are often assembled off-site, transported to a building site, and installed as whole pieces. They are a great solution to non-standard depth or designs with custom specifications, so they have a great deal of value and significance in the industry.

floor trusses

Most flooring traditionally uses joists as the support, but an alternative to joists is manufactured floor trusses.

Uses Of Floor Trusses

Manufactured floor trusses are a popular choice in single-family and multifamily production homes since prefabricated components help make the building process more efficient and less costly. They are uniformly designed with a clear plan for where utilities and wiring will go, making it easier for those to be installed when the time comes. They also have better span ratings than traditional joists. Manufactured trusses are also a popular choice for additions and other remodeling projects. Their most significant benefit in these projects is that they can be made while other aspects of the preparation are underway, making the whole project take less time. These floor trusses can also be manufactured to custom measurements, making them ideal for projects where the depth or other aspects are non-standard for some reason. Finally, manufactured floor trusses also have industrial uses. These buildings often require extra floor support and deeper structures, and trusses are a great solution. Since they are constructed off-site, using floor trusses can also save time, decreasing the amount of time a commercial or industrial space is out of commission and costing the business money.

Benefits Of Floor Trusses

Using manufactured floor trusses offers several benefits, similar to building with roof trusses. First, they are built off-site in a warehouse where the building materials are protected from the elements. They won’t get wet or be damaged by the sun during construction, resulting in a product with less structural variation. Additionally, then they can often be transported, installed, and covered in the same day. This process saves time and provides a much more consistent structure than traditional flooring joists. Additionally, buying floor trusses are much more convenient than building out the joists yourself and they end up costing less in the long run.

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