Roof TrussesRoof & Floor Truss

Reduce your construction time and eliminate material shortages by determining your truss design costs in advance. Fisher Lumber can help you determine the correct amount of lumber needed for your roof or floor truss design. We specialize in helping builders, contractors and homeowners throughout Maryland to make the right choices in materials and design for their projects. Roof and floor truss design is just one more way we can make your next job easier.

Every truss is approved for structural integrity and designed individually. You already know that using trusses for roof or floor projects is a structurally superior and more affordable method to get your next project completed quickly. Here are some additional benefits to using roof and floor trusses:

Benefits of Using Roof Trusses

  • Designs have less limitations when using trusses.
  • Easier to build hip and valley roof systems than with conventional framing.
  • Reduces the need for interior bearing walls or beams with longer spans.
  • Software makes it easier to design complex ceiling and roof profiles.
  • Saves time and avoids weather delays due to faster drying time.

Benefits of Using Floor Trusses

  • Stiffer, stronger floors from floor truss design.
  • Easily build in cantilever and balcony details.
  • Wider nailing surface for fast, accurate sheathing attachment and easy gluing, resulting in improved floor performance and less squeaking.
  • Fewer returns to jobsite due to callbacks for warping, twisting or shrinkage.
  • Reduced need for intermediate bearing beams, walls, footing or columns with long spans and girder trusses, saving time and construction costs.
  • Increased room for plumbing, electrical and HVAC components from open web configuration.
  • More complex and sophisticated home designs are more easily accomplished with open web spaces and varied designs.
  • Flatwise oriented 2x4s for a more stable bearing surface that’s easier to work on.

Benefits of Roof and Floor Trusses for Builders and Contractors

  • More flexibility for placement of HVAC, plumbing and electrical components.
  • Ability to place interior partitions more freely, without additional support.
  • Increased speed of shell completion.
  • Improved cost control on projects, with advanced cost estimates for materials.
  • Fewer pieces to handle and install, for reduced project installation time.
  • Wider nailing surface for easier application of floor decks
  • Less time for plumbing, HVAC and electrical subcontractor work, due to improved flexibility in placement options.
  • Reduced job site theft and waste of materials.
  • No steel beams or posts to place. No pouring of column pads.

If you’re weighing the benefits of using floor and roof trusses on your next project, contact an expert at Fisher Lumber and let us answer your questions and assess your needs.