What Decking Materials Do I Need?

decking materials

What materials do you need for your deck?

If you are looking to complete your yard and make it into the perfect oasis with a new deck, first you must consider your decking materials. A project is only as high quality as the materials used, and a good deck is no different. Below you will find the pros and cons of various decking materials so you can be sure you are going to end up with a perfect deck.  

Should You Invest In A Wood Deck?

Those who want a good deck often first consider wood. It is the most popular decking choice. It’s natural, strong, and has a solid and pleasing feel. However, it is one of the more high maintenance decking materials. It requires thorough regular cleanings and can easily rot, warp, and splinter. It also needs to be restained every two to three years.


Tropical Hardwoods


Tropical hardwood is one of the most dense and highly durable decking materials. They are also rich and beautiful in color and are highly resistant to insects and decay. A tropical hardwood deck can last up to 25 years. This material is however incredibly expensive and difficult to work with compared to other decking materials. You can’t even hammer a nail into it without drilling a hole first. If you choose this material, avoid the darker woods as they absorb heat and will make your deck feel like a hot skillet in the summer sun.  


Are Plastic Decks A Possibility?


This deck is ideal for the low maintenance homeowner. These decks can mimic the look of wood while not splintering and requiring almost no maintenance whatsoever. However, if you want the luxurious feel of a good wood deck, this will not satisfy you. These do not always look, feel, or sound like real wood. They can even squeak when you walk on them. This is because this is one of the only decking materials which requires a complex fastening system that can be affected by temperature.


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