How to Breathe Life into an Old Deck

old deck

An old deck can easily be made to look like new with a fresh coat of stain!

Do you have a worn out, neglected deck? Over time, an old deck will lose its rich color and lustrous shine. Unmoved furniture can leave sun marks and leaves and other vegetation on the deck can leave stains. However, even an old deck can easily be made to look like new. With these simple steps, your old deck will be beaming with new life again!

Choose a Finish

If it’s been more than three years since you last coated your deck with a finish, then your deck is due for an update. You’ll want to choose a finish that offers a good balance between color and UV protection. The clearer the finish, the less UV protection. And the more opaque the finish, the more likely it is to flake over time, which requires restaining about every six to 24 months. We recommend a semi-transparent wood stain, since it has a good balance of UV-resistant pigments, and it penetrates the surface so it won’t flake over time.

Clean Your Deck

For this next step, you’ll have to wait until an overcast day. This allows water on the deck to evaporate more slowly, giving you more time to work. First, remove all furniture and other items from the deck. Tie or clip back any plants that are touching the deck. Next, wash all leaves and other debris off the deck with a garden hose or pressure washer. From there, you’ll get a bucket filled with water and cleaning solution and scrub every inch of the wet deck with the solution. Be sure that you are scrubbing along with the grain of the wood. Finally, rinse off the deck with your hose.

Apply the Stain

Before you apply the stain, you’ll have to wait until the deck is completely dry, otherwise the wood won’t absorb the stain. Three or four days without rain should be long enough to dry out the deck. Brush the deck clean of any debris, then begin by staining the railings. You’ll need a synthetic filament brush slightly wider than the deck’s boards. For an even color, be sure to stir the stain frequently and brush up drips immediately. After you’ve finished staining the railings, you can move onto the floor and stairs of the deck. Brush each board one at a time, along the grain of the wood. When finished, allow the deck to dry for two days before replacing the furniture.

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