Vinyl Siding Color Options to Spruce Up Your Home

vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is a great way to spruce up your home.

Choosing the perfect new siding for your home can be a tricky process. How can you balance function, with quality, with design, with durability, with everything else? Here are some of the best vinyl siding options that will spruce up your home and reflect your unique style!

Classic Neutrals

Neutral colors are a great option for every home, especially those that have strict color requirements or neighborhoods with HOA rules. Neutral colors sound boring, but they are anything but. Soft muted colors like linen, wicker, or soft maple work well for giving your home a classic and traditional look. Neutral vinyl siding colors are also a great option for homeowners that love to landscape. A neutral backdrop allows all of your beautiful trees, shrubs, and flowers the chance to take center stage. Neutrals are another good choice for people who would like to have uniquely colored shutters, as they won’t overwhelm your home if it is a softer color.

Big and Bold

Another popular vinyl siding color option is much bolder and brighter. If you live in an area where siding color is not restricted in any way, bright and fun colors are fair game! Heritage club, redwood, ironstone, and even shamrock can all set your home apart from others on the street and show off your style. Many homeowners shy away from dark colors because they worry their home will be an eyesore, but that’s far from reality. As long as you choose more neutral colors for your shutters and other accessories, your home will be classic and unique. Dark colors can also make your home appear very elegant. Bold colors are an excellent vinyl siding color option for those that want to stand out, reflect their unique style, and let their home do the talking. Bold colors might not be the best option for homes with a lot of landscaping, as the colors might overwhelm each other.

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