The Rising Popularity of Wood Construction Explained

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We are advocates for wood construction!

We are advocates for wood construction! There are so many reasons to love lumber. Getting lumber from a full-service lumber yard has benefits that you may not receive from your local chain store. Wood is a sturdy material that will never go out of style and never not have its advantages. Read on as we explain the rising popularity of wood construction. 

Engineered Wood is Efficient

You may be thinking that wood construction was always a top pick. While this isn’t necessarily untrue, engineered wood, in particular, is becoming a fan favorite for construction projects. Wood often has a bad rep for requiring a lot of maintenance. However, We could make the argument that engineered wood is the fastest-growing structural product for commercial construction. This material is a durable and reliable option for residential properties, as well. Here is a breakdown as to why:

  1. Go Green! – Lumber is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, coming in different grades and colors. Then, you can add the fact that wood is renewable to its long list of benefits. When a material is fantastic to look at and excellent for the environment, then you know it’s a wise investment. You’ll always win with wood construction! 
  2. Choosing this Material Saves You Money! – Not just homeowners, but developers and contractors love wooden buildings and homes as well. For the homeowner, wood helps create a peaceful, charming, and rustic environment. Put in basic terms; it just feels good to be around wood. Studies prove this! For the contractor or developer, wood is less expensive than other building materials. Also, when properly treated, engineered wood can last for generations. The cost-to-lifespan ratio is unbeatable! 
  3. Engineered Lumber is More Efficient Than Traditional Lumber– Traditional wood has a bad rep regarding moisture retention. However, engineered wood has more dimensional stability, meaning that walls and roofs trap less moisture. Engineered wood is also fire-resistant.

Wood Construction in a Nutshell

Wood construction is favored more than ever because of its stunning shades, naturally-sourced and environmental benefits, and cost-effectiveness. If you need custom-cut lumber that’s suitable for any construction project, give us a call today.

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