How You Know That Your Home’s Foundation is Problematic

foundation issues

Moisture is often a top cause for your home’s foundation issues

Your home should be your haven. It’s also probably your most expensive investment. Therefore, putting money into your home to ensure that it stays in the best shape makes sense. A house having a solid foundation and proper framing is critical to its longevity. A host of factors can cause a home’s foundation to become problematic. These factors can include plumbing leaks, soil compaction, inadequate foundation drainage, and much more! Would you be able to tell that your home’s foundation needs repair? If not, keep reading to discover the top signs of a house having foundational issues. 

Doors That Don’t Work Efficiently 

This sign may come as a surprise, but your doors say a lot about your home. If your doors stick consistently, then this could be a telltale sign that something is wrong with your home’s foundation. You may notice that your exterior doors are more likely to drag at the threshold, appear uneven, or hang down at the top. Interior doors not only stick but begin to drag at the top. Humidity is one reason why doors stick, especially 2-3 days after a heavy rainstorm or severe flooding. Moisture and drought conditions can cause the soil around your home to loosen and cause foundational issues. 

Your Home’s Foundation Starts Sinking

This sign is one of the most visible and noticeable signs. You should have it checked out right away if your home starts to sink or have settlement issues. If you notice that one sign of your home seems lower than the other, then this is indeed an indicator.

Your Home’s Foundation Has Fractures

If you notice any cracks or fractures on the walls, floors, or foundation of your home, then this is a telltale sign that there is a problem. A broken chimney should also be a concern. Over time, your home may experience foundation movement for various reasons. When this happens, gaps begin to form. Expanding and contracting soil and inclement weather are some of the top causes of this. If you own a new home, it’s normal for a house to sink and develop small gaps for the first few years. However, you should be aware of how large those gaps are. Hairline fissures are common, but large gaps mean that there are foundational issues. 

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