The Advantages Of Trusses


Trusses do an important job.

Trusses are a building invention that helps distribute the weight of the roof more evenly to the outer walls. Trusses are necessary for a roof to be properly supported. A truss is triangularly shaped, or comprised of a number of triangles. This shape lends support and is economical as it allows a builder to use fewer materials to get the same result. You can discover the many advantages of trusses below.  

Trusses Are Quick And Easy To Install

The main advantage of trusses is that they are fast and cost-effective to install and do not require heavy expensive equipment or excessive preparation in order to be used effectively. Trusses are generally built in a factory and delivered as a complete set to a job site, where the structure is then built. Commonly, trusses are leveraged to the top of the wall, and then slid into the correct position and turned upright before being secured into place.

Trusses Span Longer Distances

Due to their triangular shape, trusses can cross increased distances. This makes them incredibly useful. While square-sided roofs tend to lose their shape by shifting or twisting, triangular roofs maintain their shape and are shift and sag resistant. A combined set of trusses is not only stable but allows a roof to support significantly more weight than a roof that has not been reinforced with trusses. This makes roofs last longer and require fewer repairs due to weight distribution issues.

Trusses Create Ideal Load Distribution

Their triangular shape aids in supporting the weight of the roof. Trusses take the weight applied to the sides, or legs, to be redistributed down and away from the center. The weight of the roof is then supported by the  exterior walls, which positively benefits the inner walls. As the inner walls are not tasked with supporting the full weight of the roof, they can be built and customized, moved to suit different needs and tastes, and even omitted entirely.

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