How to Clean and Seal Your Deck Before Winter Hits

Clean and Seal Deck

Clean and seal your deck so it will survive the harsh winter and is ready for the upcoming spring!

You’re worried about burning the cookies in the oven, how you will convince your aunt and cousin to get along, and whether or not two hams will be enough for Christmas dinner—but wait! You forgot one more thing! Cleaning and sealing your deck! It might not seem too urgent compared to everything else going on, but rest assured that you’ll regret not taking the time to clean and seal your deck before winter hits. Here are some quick steps to get the job done.

Get Your Deck Ready

First, start by sweeping any yard debris or dirt off of your deck. Make sure that nothing is stuck in the boards of your deck, as tiny pieces of leaves or twigs can get wedged in between them and start to rot. Rotting plant matter is never good to have on or in your deck, as it can cause rot to begin to set in on the rest of your wooden deck. Take extra time on this step to make sure everything is gone.

Clean Your Deck

Once the loose debris is gone, clean the wood itself. Purchase a product that is designed for your type of wood deck or mix bleach with warm water. Use a scrub brush to complete this step of the cleaning and sealing process. This will get rid of any mold, mildew, or algae on the surface of your deck and prevent any regrowth.

Finish Up Your Clean and Seal

The last step of cleaning and sealing is to stain and seal! Once your deck is clean and dry, apply a stain and/or a sealer to the surface. This will keep out moisture all winter long and protect your deck from any decay on its surface from any late-falling yard debris. Use a small pad with a reservoir and a brush to carefully and evenly apply the sealer and make sure that you coat the entire surface of the deck. That’s all! Back to the kitchen!

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