Fiberglass Insulation: How it Improves Your Home

Fiberglass Insulation: How it Improves Your Home

Fiberglass is an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective, and user-friendly material. 

We offer several efficient building materials here at Fisher Lumber, including fiberglass. Fiberglass is a popular choice regarding insulation for many reasons. The most popular reasons are that it’s cost-effective and saves a lot of time in construction. Here are more details about why fiberglass insulation is fantastic!

Fiberglass Isn’t a Fire Hazard.

It makes sense that homeowners want their humble abodes to be safe. This material consists of sand and recycled glass, meaning that it does not catch fire easily. If fiberglass ever comes under a direct flame, it will burn instead of melting. Fireglass insulation is relatively safe.

Energy-Efficiency and Less Noise

Who doesn’t want an energy-efficient home? When a home is energy-efficient, you can look forward to better air quality, toasty winters, and cool summers. Another benefit is that if you don’t like a lot of noise, fiberglass blocks out sound.


Fiberglass is mold and mildew-resistant. Mold and mildew may begin to form when there is a lot of moisture in the home. Fiberglass insulation helps keep moisture out of your home, keeping your family safe.

The Perfect Material for the Eco-Friendly Homeowner

This material is environmentally friendly. Sand and glass are renewable sources. If you’re going for a green initiative, fiberglass insulation is one way to lower your carbon footprint. Any decision that positively impacts our environment is an excellent choice.

Budget and User-Friendly

This building material is undeniably one of the least expensive on the market. If you reduce the cost of construction, why not? Still, you don’t have to skimp out on quality. This material is still as impressive as other building materials.


We’ve named many benefits, but there’s just one more. This material is user-friendly and easy to install! Fiberglass is so easy to use that many homeowners take on DIY projects. If you decide to this, versus hiring a professional, reach out to us today. We can guide you on how to insulate your home efficiently. You can be happy about lowering your energy bills in no time! We understand that home improvement, in general, is no easy feat. But we have the knowledge and materials to make your next project complete!

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