Door Hardware: Doorknobs vs Door Levers

Door Hardware: Doorknobs vs Door Levers

Here is a further breakdown of these door hardware options and when it may be best to choose doorknobs versus door levers.

A new door installation, whether it’s an interior or exterior door, just isn’t complete without the perfect door hardware. So, while you’re at Fisher Lumber shopping for door hardware, be sure to pick up some doorknobs to go with your beautiful new doors. Or perhaps, you’re interested in door levers or handles. Come to think of it, the type of door hardware you choose is more important than you may initially think. To choose between door knobs or levers, you should weigh some critical factors, such as accessibility or security. Here is a further breakdown of these door hardware options and when it may be best to choose doorknobs versus door levers.

When to Choose Doorknobs

Unless you plan to replace all of the door hardware throughout your home, your best option is to pick a style that matches the other existing handles. Still, if you are set on selecting new doorknobs, you have plenty of designs and finishes to pick from. Consider how the shape, color, and size of the doorknob will complement the door style or other hardware in your home. For example, if your home features darken bronze cabinet handles or wall sconces, then a doorknob in a similar finish can unify this detail of your home. Of course, there are also more decorative options. If you have an older home or are renovating to achieve a period style home, doorknobs are a classic choice.

Door knobs aren’t usually very grip-friendly for children or the elderly. The general ball shape of knobs makes this door hardware a tad more difficult for small hands or hands with limited mobility to grab and twist. Further, the doorknob must be set far enough away from the door frame to allow the knuckles to clear when one is turning the knob.

When to Choose Door Levers

Door levers suit modern and contemporary style homes much better than some doorknob styles. Levers can look more sleek and minimal and work just as well for utilitarian style homes. The lever handle itself can come in many styles, shapes, and sizes. However, many widely regard door levers as the ergonomic and more accessible design choice compared to doorknobs. Regardless of one’s strength or dexterity, it’s far easier and more convenient for users to unlatch and open a door with lever handles.

When purchasing door levers, though, one should be mindful of which side needs the correct handle configuration. Unlike doorknobs that could be installed to turn either one way or another, door levers are designed to be installed specifically to be opened from the left or right.

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