3 Basics of Selecting New Window Shutters


3 Basics of Selecting New Window Shutters

This quick guide to the basics of picking new window shutters should point you in the right direction.

Changing your windows is one matter, and choosing new window shutters is entirely another! Although modern window shutters don’t serve much functional purpose nowadays, they remain vital components of a home’s exterior design. Undoubtedly, homeowners continue to use shutters for decorative purposes, so style and durability still matter quite a bit. There are plenty of options to choose from, but you need to select new window shutters that will complement your overall home exterior. This quick guide to the basics of picking new window shutters should point you in the right direction.


The first aspect to consider is the style of your new window shutters. Of course, you can choose a style that’s similar to your last set of shutters to make this an easy step. Or, you can explore some of the other popular styles that suit most homes. There’s the louvered style, which uses overlapping diagonal slats. These may or may not actually have the actual spaces in between slats since they aren’t intended to be functional shutters. Paneled shutters possess a very similar look to paneled cabinet doors. It’s a very traditional type of style. Another option is board and batten shutters, which looks like a rustic fabrication with vertical boards.


Although your new window shutters are decorative, it will look strange if the size and placement don’t quite make sense with the window proportions. Therefore, you still want the shutters to look like they would close properly over the windows. Aside from careful installation, the best way to achieve that realistic look is to use the appropriate shape and sized shutters.


Modern manufacturing methods have allowed various types of materials to take on the appearance of more traditional material finishes with engineered substrates. So when you choose what material you’d like your new window shutters to be made of, you should weigh cost, maintenance, and longevity considerations. For example, wood composite shutters and vinyl shutters have been constructed and treated to withstand moisture and UV exposure. These qualities lend themselves to greater longevity and durability, but costs for the shutters will be higher.

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