4 Deck Design Ideas To Consider

Deck Design

Here are four ideas we think will help make your deck unique.

Whether you’ve already had a deck installed or you’re considering adding a deck to your home, it’s important to think about exactly what features you may want. Your deck may end up being a place that your entire family spends time in, or your main spot for entertaining guests. A thoroughly planned deck can end up being your favorite spot to relax in, so it’s critical that you consider all of the deck design options.

Light It Up

Deck lighting is a great element to add into your deck design. Not only can it improve the general safety of your deck, it can also make it usable during the night. If you’ve got friends over and it’s a nice summer night, you would be able to go sit outside and get a breath of fresh air. It can also make it more appealing visually.


Do you want to improve your sense of privacy while also protecting guests from gusts of wind? A pergola might just be the option for you. Consider your deck space before you begin building; you don’t want to create a deck that doesn’t have room for a pergola only to realize it too late.


Adding a trellis into your deck design is something you should consider early on, especially when combined with a pergola. A trellis won’t completely block the line of sight, but it’s just enough to promote your privacy without diminishing natural light. Trellises are also fantastic if you want to grow vines or any other kind of plant life on your deck.

Valuable Entertainment

You can’t forget some of the creature comforts that make a deck something special. Consider adding a weatherproof, pro sound system to your outdoor setup to make summertime barbeques an event worth talking about. Your parties will have the perfect ambiance with your decadent deck.

Fisher Lumber for a New Deck

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