Wood Door Installation Errors You’ll Want to Avoid

Wood Door Installation Errors You’ll Want to Avoid

There are mistakes that can happen during a wood door installation, and we want to review them with you now.

Are you looking to get a new door installed? If you are, it can be a great way to bolster your home’s curb appeal while also giving your house a little extra security. If you were thinking of getting it installed yourself, though, we want to bring up some concerns that can happen if you choose to take on that challenge. There are mistakes that can happen during a wood door installation, and we want to review them with you now.

Inaccurate Measurements

The measurements on your door have to be perfect. Leave too little space for your door, and it won’t fit. Leave too much space, and your door will be letting in air from outside. Professional help is recommended for a job like this because professionals do this kind of work regularly, which is probably not the case for the average homeowner.

Insufficient Insulation

Like we mentioned earlier, it’s possible that your door lets in air from outside. This can severely impact your home’s energy efficiency, and your energy bill could spike. To prevent this, you need an adequate amount of insulation. Make sure that the door you pick has sufficient insulating capabilities. Foam tape and foam insulation are both good options.

Not Using the Right Hardware

You want the highest level of protection for your door. That’s why, during your wood door installation, you want to be sure that your door gets the best hardware available. You need the right screws, hinges, and locks to ensure the highest level of protection for your house. Consult with a professional wood door installation company to find out what door you should get, making sure it has all of the necessary pieces of hardware for your needs.

Mistakes During the Installation

Without experience installing doors, it’s easy to make mistakes during the installation process. Not only can this cause the door to not work properly, but it can even be a safety risk. When installed improperly, doors can possibly fall off of their frames, and doors are incredibly heavy, which means they pose a big danger to anyone in the area if the door falls over. Letting a professional handle the installation means the door will be sure to get installed correctly, meaning it will work as intended, and no one will be put at risk of getting hurt.

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