Why Use Engineered Lumber For Construction Projects?

Why Use Engineered Lumber For Construction Projects?

Similar to how engineered hardwood has made its way into popular flooring, engineered lumber has made a name for itself in residential and commercial construction.

These days, any reputable building materials dealer offers a large selection of high-quality lumber and wood to complete all sorts of construction projects. There has been an increased demand for engineered lumber and engineered wood products to complete different aspects of construction. Certainly, natural lumber like pine and oakwood varieties have their place in some projects. But, similar to how engineered hardwood has made its way into popular flooring, engineered lumber has made a name for itself in residential and commercial construction. And it’s not difficult to see why that is.


Engineered lumber, or sometimes also called composite lumber, is a human-made wood product. Typically, real pieces of wood are combined and bound together with a strong adhesive substance, such as resin. Many builders have opted to replace natural lumber with their engineered counterparts because the manufacturing process makes it a more durable and longer-lasting building material. Engineered lumber is more resistant to rot, pests, moisture, and extreme temperature exposure.

Versatile Uses

There are many kinds of engineered lumber and wood products, each suitable for various different purposes in construction. It can be treated like natural lumber but can be made into dimensions difficult to find in raw lumber. Depending on how it’s processed, there are varieties that can bear heavy loads, making it ideal for building frames or support columns. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the lumber product can be engineered to be quite pliable. You can find uses for engineered wood in both structural and decorative aspects of a construction project. In fact, manufacturers try to offer engineered wood products with veneers to provide for different finish options. 

Sustainable Building Material

At first thought, many would say that using natural lumber, a renewable resource, is a sustainable means of acquiring building materials. While this is true, engineered lumber is also a strong contender for sustainability. During the refining process, pieces of wood come off natural lumber. These pieces can be used to produce engineered wood products while causing a very low environmental impact in the process.

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