What’s the Big Deal About Andersen Windows?

Andersen Windows is a big deal

Windows do more than regulate the light that gets in. When the windows are old, they make the whole house look old. They also make it feel old, as they leak heated and air-conditioned air and run up utility bills. Window replacement is a great way to enhance all of this, from improving energy efficiency to increasing curb appeal. If you think that now might be the time to replace your windows, you should check out these great benefits of Andersen Windows.

Seasonal Comfort

Energy efficiency is one of the prominent reasons homeowners opt for window replacement. There are cold spots in the window near their windows, and the AC leaks straight out them in the summer. You are wasting a ton of money cooling or heating your home if your windows aren’t keeping that air inside. Andersen windows are Energy Star rated and made from high performing glass that reduces heat transmission by up to 50%. What this means that in the winter, your heat won’t get out, and in the summer, the sun’s rays won’t turn your home into an oven. 

Low Maintenance And High Quality

Andersen windows are low-maintenance. The frames are vinyl or fiberglass, and they never need to be painted. Some styles come with a tilt wash feature, meaning that even window cleaning is easy (regardless of how high the windows are). The hardware is tested to ensure it will withstand decades of use. Warranties back these promises, so you can have peace of mind that you chose wisely.

Noise Reduction

Andersen Windows will help to decrease the noise you can hear from the outdoors when your windows are not open. Older windows transmit much of the noise from the street outside directly into the home, but your new Andersen windows will not. 


Andersen windows improve the safety of your home. They have been force tested to withstand break-in. They also come with multiple lock points in their locking systems, so breakthrough is also not a concern.


Andersen windows provide lots of options, and they are beautiful and will help improve the overall look of your home. Most models come in a variety of exterior colors to match your existing aesthetic, with grid patterns and ornamentation designed to match common home styles. Andersen windows even come in a variety of hard-to-find sizes so that all of your windows can match, including casements and oddly shaped windows.

A Green Choice

Finally, if you’re spending less to heat and cool your home, that means you’re using less energy. Any way that you can decrease your energy consumption is an excellent environmental choice.

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