What To Consider When Selecting New Interior Doors

What To Consider When Selecting New Interior Doors

When it comes time to choose new interior doors, give these key areas some special consideration.

One part of interior decorating that doesn’t get a lot of attention is the door. Many people understand the importance of an exterior door – it provides safety and security while also adding to your home’s beauty and curb appeal – but those same people may not ever give their interior doors a second thought. Interior doors also serve a valuable purpose in the home, providing privacy and adding to the look and feel of the rooms they separate. When it comes time to choose new interior doors, give them careful consideration, especially in these key areas.


The direction of the door swing is a small but important matter. In some cases, there is a standard precedent; for instance, in bedrooms and bathrooms, doors tend to swing inwards into the room from the hallway. This can be an issue in certain spaces, such as areas where the path of the swinging door may bump furniture or limit what you can have on the floor (such as super deep carpet). In other rooms, the door can swing either in or out, depending on the space. You can even set up some doors to swing either way if you have the space and proper materials.


There are probably more interior door styles than you would expect, and there is certainly one that will match your home’s personality and the aesthetic of the room where the door will go. Try to make sure that the door matches the rest of the room, or at the very least, make sure that it doesn’t clash. For instance, in a very formal room, you could likely get away with having a more plain door leading to a closet, but in a small and simple room, having an ornate door leading to a closet would be very strange.


There is more to interior door materials than just wood, though that is often the most common material. You will find doors made of wood, both solid and hollow-core, glass, MDF, and more. Choose the material that best fits both your aesthetic and the use of a room. For instance, a glass door would be fine leading to a sunroom but would be really unusual for a bathroom (even if it has etching or an opaque film).


Finally, choose a color that you like, but that will also be a good choice long-term. If the door is not re-paintable, make sure you choose a color that will go with any wall colors if you change the room color in the future.

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