The Signs That You Need New Windows in 2023

The Signs That You Need New Windows in 2023

Windows are one of the most critical parts of your home. Here are some of the signs that you may need new windows this year.

Windows are one of the most important parts of your home. While they might just seem like a way for you to see outside, they protect you from the worst of the winter chill outside, keep you safe against the elements, and also deter prospective intruders. Unfortunately, if your windows are damaged or in need of repair, they will not work as well as they used to. What are some of the signs that you need new windows this year?

Trouble Opening and Closing

Are your windows so tight that you find yourself dreading needing to open or close them for any reason? When the windows are starting to give you a hard time, it’s a sign that you might need new windows. If you find yourself forcing or shoving the window, it’s a sign that something has gone wrong. Things will not naturally improve over time, so taking action is critical.

Damaged or Worn Frames

Look at the frames of your current windows. Do you notice the wood sagging, drooping, or starting to decay? Even if you have great windows that were installed by a professional, they will start to decay over the decades. You might need new windows after the frames have become incredibly worn. We can visit your property to assess your current windows and let you know if the current levels of mold, rot or warping are something that requires new window installation.

Cracks or Damage to the Window

If there is any damage to the window frame or you notice signs of cracking or potential damage to the glass itself, you need new windows as soon as possible. These small cracks can grow over time. Additionally, even if they do not grow, they are costing you money every day as heat seeps out of your home and cold enters. One of the other signs that you might have damage or cracks that you can’t see yet is energy bills that are dramatically increasing. Letting cold air into your house will cause your heating system to work overtime to make up for the influx of air.

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