The Beauty of Plantation Shutters

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Plantation shutters are beautiful

Plantation shutters are only a few of the many window options that we offer here at Fisher Lumber. They are a popular choice for a reason. Here are the reasons why homeowners find plantation shutters to be beautiful and beneficial. 

Plantation Shutters Are Energy-Efficient 

If one of your goals as a homeowner is to conserve energy, then consider this option. Because window installers seal shutters right against the window frame, it prevents inside air from escaping, and outside air from entering your home. 

Plantation Shutters are Low-Maintenance 

Anyone who owns a home knows that cleaning a house (efficiently) takes a lot of time. The beauty of these windows is that all you need is a vacuum cleaner brush attachment, or you can wipe them down, and it won’t take long. You don’t have to take plantation shutters a part to keep them clean. They’re also very sturdy, meaning that they can handle friction. You won’t have to worry about window damage. Being able to eliminate dust and debris with ease effectively is especially important during these times. 

Plantation Shutters Are Durable

Maryland is known for its unpredictable weather. Exposure to these constant weather changes and dust can cause a lot of wear and tear on windows. Did we mention that shutters are sturdy? They come in a range of materials, all of which are durable. Andersen Windows is a big deal. Their windows come in various colors, configurations, and materials. Not only can you enjoy the style behind them, but you’ll appreciate that you won’t have to replace them any time soon. 

The Beauty of Plantation Shutters

Now, let’s discuss aesthetics. Just like other window choices, plantation shutters can come in a variety of colors. You don’t have to go for classic white. Also, shutters can help to modernize a home or make it more timeless. Andersen windows specialize in custom and specialty windows. If the color you like or configuration you want isn’t in-store, let us know. We can order what you need. 

Do you not like this specific window style? Then, click here to check out other options. 

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