The 8 Advantages of Pressure-Treated Lumber

The BeneThe 8 Advantages of Pressure-Treated Lumberfits of Wood Windows

Pressure-treated lumber is the most common choice for outdoor building projects. Read on for some advantages of using pressure-treated lumber.

Wood is one of the most common building materials, if not the most common, in use today. It is used for interior and exterior projects. The major downside of wood is that once it is exposed to the elements it starts to break down. It is prone to swelling, warping, and eventually rotting. Pressure-treated wood helps to solve this issue, which is why it is the most common choice for outdoor building projects. Read on for eight advantages to using pressure-treated lumber.


There are many insects in our area that pose a danger to wood and wooden structures, including termites, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees. Usually, this insect activity involves boring holes in the wood, which weakens it and leaves it open to other types of damage. Both the copper compounds and other chemicals used in the pressure-treating process make the wood resistant to insect activity.


Pressure-treated wood is resistant to fungus because of the copper-based compounds that are used in the processing of the wood. In untreated wood, fungus quickly takes hold and sends roots deep into the wood often as soon as it gets wet, and the deeper the fungus goes, the softer the wood becomes. In pressure-treated wood, fungus is inhibited from growing.


Moisture is the root of most wood damage out in nature, but moisture is also impossible to escape in most outdoor environments. Pressure-treated wood is resistant to moisture, since the pores of the wood have already been soaked and filled with a chemical compound.


Fire-retardant chemicals can and often are included in the pressure-treating cocktail used to prepare wood for outdoor use. This means that if there ever is a fire around your wooden structure, it is less likely to catch or burn down. 


Pressure-treated lumber also comes in a variety of sizes and wood cuts. Some people assume that it is only used for structural projects like fence posts or deck support, and thus only comes in huge pieces. This isn’t true. 


Pressure-treated wood is more expensive than regular wood, but in the long run, you get more value out of it. Additionally, compared to other materials that might have the durability of pressure-treated wood,  the pressure-treated wood is less expensive.

Ease Of Use

Pressure-treated wood is also really easy to work with. It is not more difficult to saw or drill through than normal wood, even with the chemical processing it undergoes.


Pressure-treated lumber will last far longer than any other wood that is not treated. It has incredible longevity and durability. Contact Fisher Lumber today to select your best lumber options. 


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