Should I Own a Wooden Home?

Yes! You should own a wooden home.

Yes! You should own a wooden home. Fisher Lumber is a full-service lumber company that provides quality plywood, lumber, and roof and floor trusses, and engineered lumber. If you want to learn more about why you should own a wooden home, then keep reading! We’re going to explain some of the many benefits.


Wood naturally insulates a home. It isolates heat and cold effectively. What this means is that you’ll save a lot of energy with a wooden house, versus one made of stone, concrete, or brick. Also, it’s an excellent thermal insulator and blocks out noise. Wooden houses are warm and tranquil.

Excellent for the Environment and Production Purposes

Current construction solutions using wood are environmentally friendly regarding production and habitation. Prefabricated buildings make for quick instruction, but does not damage the quality of the home or building. Green solutions are great for the environment. Houses made from lumber are entirely renewable, and they absorb and store co2. Are you a homeowner who’s conscious about how they impact the environment? Do you not want your home to take forever to build? Then this selection will suit you. 


Wood is cheaper than other materials, but that does not mean that it’s low-quality. Lumber does iodize to an extent, but it does not rust the way that metal would. There are metals out on the market that doesn’t rust, but a wooden home would cost you a lot less money. A common misconception is that lumber isn’t durable, but it is! It’s even more sustainable when it’s pressure-treated. Just as trees take a long time to decompose, the case would be the same for your wooden home. 

Aesthetically Pleasing

A wooden home is classic and cozy. If you’re a person that loves nature or appreciates a rustic feel, then look no further. This type of house would benefit you tremendously. Even if you prefer a modern look, lumber is versatile and flexible enough to give you the aesthetics that you crave. 


Homes made of lumber can last for 100-150 years when built correctly. Not only will a wooden house last the remainder of your life but you can pass it on to your children or grandchildren. To learn more about wood framing, give us a call. 

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