When to Repair or Replace Windows


Do your windows need a couple of repairs or should you outright replace them? We’re here to help.

If you’re living in an older home, or you’ve just noticed some issues with your windows, it may be time to repair or replace them. Sometimes, it’s best to call a professional and have them take a look. Dealing with windows can be a tough time though. These are some tips from us at Leland Fisher Lumber on knowing whether or not you need to replace or just repair your windows.

Rot and Jammed Sashes

Check your windows for any signs of decay. A professional may be able to repair rot, jammed sashes, and even broken parts. If water has penetrated around the frame, you’ll need to remove the windows and repair them before rotting starts to happen. If your window’s sides are sticking, you can try rubbing a candle against the sashes so everything slides better.

Historic Homes

If you replace your old windows in your historic home, you run the risk of reducing the value of your house. Instead, consider making them more energy efficient. If you can get new windows that will add to your home’s style it may be fine, but otherwise, you may want to caulk and use weather stripping to reduce drafts. Replace any old caulking and apply weather stripping in warm weather.

My Windows Are Painted Shut!

This can actually be a benefit in the winter. It’ll keep heat in and make your energy bill lower. But if you’ve rolled over into the summer months wondering why it’s getting so hot, you may want to get some of those nice cool breezes. You can use a sash saw to cut through the paint. All you need to do is put the saw teeth along the seam that the paint has sealed and slide it along the frame of the window. One pass should be enough to let your window slide easily again.

Fisher Lumber for Windows

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