Protecting Wood From Water Damage: Here’s How

With a little maintenance, lumber can last a long time.

Most people know that water and oil don’t mix, and the same goes for wood and water. Water damage can cause the lumber in your home to rot prematurely. Adding wood to your home, whether you have wooden doors or furniture, hardwood floors, or a wooden home altogether is a smart choice. Wood brings charm and rusticness to a residence along with being a natural insulator and good for the environment. With a little maintenance, lumber can last a long time. To discover more about how to protect your wood from water damage, keep reading.

Use Natural Oils

Linseed and Tung oils are some of the best, natural oil finishes that can help to preserve lumber. These oils are especially excellent for dark-grained woods such as mahogany and walnut. Natural oils in combination with a mineral spirit and polyurethane can take away scratches and scuffs, restore wooden furniture, and make your lumber less susceptible to water damage. Here are some tips for how to apply a natural oil blend:

  1. Stir the mix thoroughly
  2. Apply the combination using a natural bristle paintbrush on dark-grained wood only (make sure that you sanded and cleaned your lumber beforehand) 
  3. Let the oil soak, reapplying if there are any dry spots
  4. Use a clean, non-wet rag wipe off excess oil
  5. Allow the oil to dry fully
  6. Use fine-grit sandpaper for sanding the lumber again
  7. Repeat if necessary if you don’t achieve your desired finish

Use a Sealant

Polyurethane, varnish, and lacquer all have proven waterproofing properties. You can brush or spray them onto clean, sanded lumber. Then, allow the sealant of your choice to dry completely. Finally, re-coat and re-sand as needed. For the most efficient results, make sure the environment is room-temperature. Also, never shake the sealants before the application process. Not heeding this advice may result in air bubbles that stay on the surface even after the wood fully dries.

 Use a Stain-Sealant Combination

If you’re working on a large-scale project, then this option is ideal. A wooden deck is a prime example here. With a stain-sealant combo, you can add color all while preventing water damage in one step. Stain-sealant products have color pigment and binders that are oil, water, or alkyd-based. Alkyds are best for interior woods only where future applications won’t be necessary. For exterior woods, make sure to apply once or twice a year to enhance the waterproofing process.

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