Pressure-Treated Lumber in Gaithersburg, MD

Pressure-Treated Lumber in Gaithersburg, MD

When you want all the benefits of traditional lumber without any downsides, look no further than using pressure-treated lumber.

While wood has always been one of the most useful building materials, it has its downsides, too, such as being prone to decay over time. Any environment prone to moisture, insects, or bacteria and fungi can be particularly challenging applications for traditional wood lumber. Like aluminum, concrete, or steel, there are alternatives, but those can be costly or difficult to install. Thankfully, there exists a third way: pressure-treated lumber. When you want all the benefits of traditional lumber without any downsides, look no further than using pressure-treated lumber for your Gaithersburg, MD construction job.


Regular wood quickly starts to soften and rot whenever left in wet environments. This limits the applications, and in places where a dry climate just isn’t possible, pressure-treated lumber may be the solution. This is thanks to the chemical compounds based on copper that help prevent decay. 


We all know what kind of threat fire poses to traditional lumber. However, pressure-treated wood can prevent fire damage thanks to the pressure-treating process. This process can add fire-retardant chemicals to the lumber as well. If there’s an installation case where fire damage may be more likely, this could call for the need to use pressure-treated wood, like when building near a fireplace, for example.

Stop Insects

Certain insects can pose a severe threat to any job’s structural integrity done with typical wood. Termites and carpenter ants both pose a significant danger and can end up boring through the lumber to weaken it eventually. Those copper compounds previously mentioned can also prevent insect damage. Some treatments even include borate or arsenic compounds, which stop insects from wanting to get into your lumber at all.

Cost vs. Durability

While pressure-treated materials will cost more, they have so many benefits that may make it worth it. Their durability is unparalleled to anything of comparable cost or aesthetics. It may not be as durable or strong as steel, but it’s a fraction of the price, so you get a very durable material for a reasonable price.

Easier Installation

One benefit of regular wood that pressure-treated wood has as well: it’s easy to install. Saws and standard fasteners like nails and screws still work. It’s lightweight, easy to position, and just about any contractor out, there is going to know how to work with it.

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