Prepare Your Home Exterior for Winter

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Is your home prepared for winter weather?

While you might have fall maintenance on your mind as the leaves turn colors and school buses line the streets, winter is right around the corner. The beautiful fall weather provides you with the perfect opportunity for spending some time on outdoor projects and preparing your home’s exterior for winter. By taking some time now to prepare your home exterior for sleet, snow, and ice, you can ensure a safe and warm winter for your family. How can you prepare your home exterior for the winter chill?

Start on the Outside

Before you worry about your deck and landscaping, start with your home’s exterior.

  • Check the outside of windows for any cracks or areas where cold air can enter. On the inside of your home, see if you feel any drafts or breezes entering through cracks. Repair as needed.
  • Using a ladder, examine your roof for any damages. Missing or damaged shingles should be appropriately replaced to prevent any leaks. Pay special attention to any issues now, as your roof works hard in the winter under the weight of ice and snow.
  • Clear out any gutters full of fall leaves or debris and make sure that all of your gutters and downspouts are doing their job. Water should always flow away from your house to avoid foundation cracking or any basement leaks.

Don’t Forget Your Deck

  • Inspect your deck for any damage that occurred during the summer or fall. Make sure that no repairs need to be done.
  • Check your deck for any split, decaying, or damaged wood. Pay attention to railings, the support structures underneath your deck, and the floor itself. Replace any boards in need of it before the weight of snow piles on top of it.
  • Thoroughly clean your deck using a power washer or a bucket of warm water with cleaner designed for your deck material. Sweep any leaves or yard debris off of your deck to avoid any damage from the moisture.

Get Your Whole Home Exterior Ready for Winter with Fisher Lumber

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