Prepare Your Deck for Fall


Fall will be here before you know it! Here are some ways to prepare your deck for the changing seasons.

As your children head back to school, the trees slowly start to change color, and Halloween decorations start to appear on store shelves, it’s hard to escape the fact that fall is quickly approaching. As the change of seasons approaches, you should prepare your deck for fall as part of your regular outdoor maintenance. Here are some tips for a smooth transition from pool party central to pumpkin carving central.

How Do You Use Your Deck in the Fall?

Before you can prepare your deck for fall, you need to decide how you want to use your deck throughout the fall. Do you enjoy the chill and still like drinking your morning cup of coffee on the porch? Consider adding a small heater so that you don’t get too cold while you watch the leaves turn. Do you prefer the warmth of your own home during the fall? Consider shutting down the space for the fall and winter months.

Be Prepared

Now that you know how you want to use your deck space in the fall, start by getting your deck prepared for fall and winter weather. Depending on what type of material your deck is made from, maintenance can vary dramatically. Wood decks require more maintenance than composite decks. Composite decks may just require a thorough clean, but wood decks need a little extra TLC. If you do have a wood deck, start by inspecting it to ensure that it is in good condition. Any missing bolts should be replaced. If there is stain or paint that needs to be refreshed, the end of the summer is the perfect time to do it. Any boards that appear to be damaged or rotting should be addressed immediately to prevent further structural damage.

Clean Up, Clean Up

To prepare your deck for the new season, you need to be able to see your deck! Clear off any yard debris from the summer before fall begins, and throughout the fall months keep it clean of any yard debris or leaves that accumulate. This step is especially important for wood decks that are more vulnerable to rotting or insect infestation.

Get Your Whole Yard Ready for Fall with Fisher Lumber

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