Perks of Engineered Lumber for Patio Decks

At Fisher Lumber, we know that adding a deck to your home can elevate your living space in the outdoors and create a relaxing environment for your whole family and friends to enjoy. We offer various materials to build patio decks that can help increase the market value of your home and overall enjoyment of the outdoors. While we take pride in our expert installations of numerous lumber materials and engineered wood, we want to showcase the perks of engineered lumber specifically for patio decks in Maryland. 

engineered lumber

We offer a variety of engineered lumber materials to build patio decks that can help increase the market value of your home and overall enjoyment of the outdoors

Engineered Lumber is Durable in Maryland’s Climate

Your patio is exposed to outdoor temperatures at all times during the year. Maryland’s climate, which is particularly cold during the winter and reaches the upper 90’s in the summertime, can be brutal to lumber patios. This makes engineered lumber a popular choice amongst Maryland homeowners. The reason why? This specific type of lumber is rot-resistant and will not decay due to its weatherproofing in comparison to traditional wood. The result? You have a newly-built patio that’ll last for years to come, while traditional decking might need to be replaced after ten years.


Engineered lumber is also insect-resistant, which means that you don’t have to worry about pesky termites damaging your patio. Traditional wood decking can be particularly susceptible to termites, which might require the installation of termite traps. Since engineered lumber is sturdy and coated with oils that naturally repel insects, you’ll never come across unsightly holes from insect damage within your patio or pests you have to worry about. This ensures that your deck remains family and fun-friendly!

Customizable Features

The fun part about engineered lumber? It is customizable in so many ways that traditional wood decking is not. This specific type of lumber comes in numerous shades and colors. You can choose bright reds, a natural wood appearance, greys, or even shades of dark blue. This gives you the utmost of choices for customizing your new patio, resulting in a beautiful patio deck that will ultimately increase the overall value of your home

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