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You can look forward to the many benefits that Masonite has to offer if you’re looking for building materials.

You can look forward to the many benefits that Masonite has to offer if you’re looking for building materials. One of the most common uses for Masonite is interior door production. It wouldn’t be in Fisher Lumber’s true nature if we didn’t keep you in the know on the interior door options that you have. Here is an explanation of why Masonite’s interior door options are so supreme. 

Masonite Interior Doors Are Ideal for the Conscientious Homeowner 

Products coming from Masonite are environmentally-friendly because they use recycled wood in their construction. When you use materials that would otherwise go in the trash, saves trees, and landfills won’t be full of reusable materials. You can feel good about these products not using harsh chemicals that could harm you, your family, or the environment. Suppose, for whatever reason; these materials find their way to a landfill. In that case, the materials don’t have any lasting effects on the soil or water table. We define a “water table” as an underground boundary between the soil surface and area where groundwater saturates spaces between sediments and cracks in rocks. 

Easy to Work With 

If you’re a contractor, then you’ll appreciate this advantage. Masonite forms through the use of two wood strands bonding together using water-based natural glue. Next, wood strands soaked in water and natural starches (that can glue things together) are poured into the door, siding, and trim molds. 

Why does this matter? This process makes Masonite flexible and able to bend slightly to form curves and arches once it hardens. This flexibility allows construction projects to take less time and makes the installation process much more manageable. If you’re a contractor looking for an economically-sound choice, this is it. 

Durability to the 10th Power

Masonite’s flexible nature also makes it a very durable option. It’s less likely to break apart or split during the installation process. If this material takes a hit, there won’t be as much damage as other materials. Add “waterproof” to the list of what makes this building material so durable. 


This type of lumber is relatively affordable compared to other kinds of woods. But a product being cost-effective doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on quality. You’ll pay a fair price but benefit from the longevity that Masonite products offer. If you’re saying “yes” to this choice for your interior doors, give Fisher Lumber a call today! 

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