Is It Time to Get Replacement Windows?

Is It Time to Get Replacement Windows?

Replacement windows can be a costly investment, but at some point, it’s something you may need to do, especially if you observe these warning signs.

Any home improvement project is going to cost plenty of time and money. It’s why, even when the signs start to show, we often put these jobs off until the last minute. As unfortunate as it may be, ignoring the issue doesn’t fix it—which is why you need to keep a sharp lookout for any indicators that it’s time to take on a major home improvement job. In this case, we’re talking about replacing your windows. Replacement windows can be a costly investment, but at some point, it’s something you may need to do, especially if you observe these warning signs. 

Outside Noise

Are you noticing more outside noise than usual? This could be because your windows aren’t sealed properly or were poorly manufactured. Newer quality windows have double or triple-pane glass that is often insulated with Argon or Krypton gas. This helps keep pesky outdoor noise out, which is a big deal if you live in an urban area or if you’re just on a busy road.

Damaged Frames

Touch your window frames and see how they feel. If they’re soft to the touch and easily chip, this likely means they’re beyond repair and that it’s time for replacement windows. This is because soft window frames are an indicator of rot and water infiltration, meaning that more damage is on the way.


Close your windows and put your hand around the seals. Do you feel a breeze even though the window is closed? Drafts are a sign of many issues, not limited to poor installation or faulty seals, though those are the most common problems. Drafty windows can cause all kinds of issues with your home’s temperature and may be a sign that you need new windows.

Trouble Opening and Closing

Once your windows start having issues opening and closing, you likely need replacement windows. This is a sign that the window wasn’t installed correctly, which can lead to balance issues that make it hard to open or close it. Alternatively, it could be a result of something like rust or rot. If the issue is bad enough, it may compromise your ability to lock your window, which is a big safety concern.

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