How to Organize Your Workshop

a man working on a project in an organized workshop

And organized workshop allows you to focus on your projects without distraction or clutter.

If your workshop is currently a bit of a disaster area, or you’re looking to get one set up right straight from the start, take a look at these handy and helpful tips on how to organize your workshop.

Start With A Clean Slate

It is key to start from scratch. If your workshop is full of all sorts of junk, half finished projects, and tools you never use to the extent where you can’t find anything, it’s time to clear absolutely everything out of there. Only once you have cleaned and emptied your workshop or a space for it can you begin to renovate, install, and organize. Think about what activities and equipment you will need when you make big decisions.

Look At Your Garage Contents With A Fresh Eye

We often become very attached to things we own or buy, even if they serve no purpose for us. If you have some half finished project taking up space that you have “been meaning to get back to” for years it might be time to clear it out to make space for something new. Any tools or materials you have had for years and not used might be best either sold, recycled, or otherwise gotten off your hands.

The Importance of a Storage System

When it comes to organizing your workshop, a storage system is key to insure that after you clean, things stay that way. You might want to make use of short rolling storage cabinets that you can fit under your workbench. Install cabinets on the walls, and make use of hooks and bins to make sure that you can keep track of everything in your workshop so it is well stored and easily on hand. Make the most of your space with clever wall storage. Making sure you have a clearly delineated space for all of your tools and materials will ensure that your space stays organized and easy to use and work in.

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