How to Design Your Patio

design your patio

Good design is key for the perfect patio.

A perfect patio does not happen on its own, overnight, or by accident. You must design your patio correctly in order for it to truly be the patio of your dreams. How to start going about creating that dream patio? Where to begin? It all may seem overwhelming at first, but with some handy tips in mind, you will be more than ready to design your patio perfectly. Discover some important tips, tricks, and DIY guidelines below.

How To Choose The Right Style

In order for a patio to look its best, you must not forget the look of your home when designing it. Your house and patio can only truly visually come together if they are built in matching or complimentary styles. For example, the patio of a period house requires gravel or paving and stone walls. Houses of different eras and with different looks will look best with different patio designs, so let your home and property be your guide and inspiration.

Do Not Neglect Backdrops When You Design Your Patio

Unless you choose to disguise your walls entirely with vines or other plants, they will be a dominant visual aspect of your completed patio. As such, the require and deserve the same careful thought as the rest of your space. Don’t be afraid to look through a few garden design books or look online to figure out what you like and dislike before you make any big decisions.

Choosing A Filtered View?

If you are set on a patio with a filtered view, a trellis is the best way to accomplish this. Trellises not only provide this but have the added benefit of providing strong support for plants such as tomatoes and scrambling climbers.

Different Flooring Options

When the water from patio pots drain out, it can have the unfortunate effect of staining, rotting, and otherwise damaging the wood. This is a shame if you have a beautiful wooden patio. In order to avoid this, stain your patio regularly. You can also opt for tiles, which come in a variety of colors, textures, and designs.

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