How to Choose the Right Paint Brush

the right paint brush

Your paint brush can make or break your project.

Paint brushes come in a diverse variety of types, sizes, and bristles. Each of these is uniquely suited to accomplish specific jobs, making painting easier and enabling you to more effectively achieve the look you want. A high-quality paint brush that’s specifically suited to the job you want to accomplish will lead to a more professional finished project with way less effort. This is because high-quality brushes hold more paint and apply color more evenly, which saves you money and time. Read on to learn more about the wide variety of brushes available and their uses.

Types of Brushes

  • Natural Bristle Brushes: These hold more paint which leads to a smooth finish and are used to expertly apply oil base paints, shellac, varnishes, polyurethane, and other oil base finishes.
  • Blended Nylon/Polyester Brushes: These brushes are easy to clean and work well with latex paints.
  • Polyester Brushes: These hold their shape and stiffness under pressure and are best for latex paints.

Brush Sizes

  • 1 to 2 Inch: This paint brush is best for windows, small trim, and details.
  • 3 Inch: These serve best on doors and cabinets.
  • 4 Inch: Use these brushes on large flat areas.

Brush End Types

  • Chisel Trim Brush: These produce true straight lines for trimming, corners, and edges.
  • Square Trim Brush: Use these brushes to paint flat areas.
  • Angled Brush: These are cut to apply paint easily to window trim.

Brush Styles

  • Thin Angle Sash: Use these to make clean straight lines for trimming in corners and edges.
  • Angle Sash: These slanted brushes hold more paint than it’s thinner cousin. These make cutting in at the ceiling or painting trim simple.
  • Flat Sash: Utilize this paint brush to apply paint to flat areas.
  • Trim: This kind of brush is excellent for large flat surfaces, such as exterior siding.
  • Wall:  These thick flat brushes are excellent for painting larger surfaces.

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