How To Apply Varnish

apply varnish

Applying varnish to a piece of furniture is a great way to give it new life.

The ideal furniture finish is silky smooth and highlights the natural beauty of the furniture. While it can seem difficult to achieve this perfection in your furniture, it is easy to do so with varnish. This not only provides an extra layer of protection to furniture to keep it beautiful for years, but gives any piece of wood furniture a dose of high-style refinement. To learn all about how to apply varnish for that gorgeous effect, read on.

Important Varnish Tips

Varnish is different from oil finishes, which need to be applied in carefully thin coats. Varnish allows you to build the finish quickly before leveling it and then continuing with thin coats. A solid varnish secret is to build a little higher gloss than you were initially aiming for, then rub it until it has a lower luster. This way you get both the necessary protection and the desired sheen from your varnish.

Flood The Varnish On And Then Wipe It Away

In order for this thin film approach to be entirely successful, thorough surface prep is a necessity. It is important to remove any mill marks, sanding scratches, or tears out before attempting to varnish a piece of furniture. Be sure to sand to P320 grit, or choose even higher for woods that are susceptible to blotching.

Wipe On A Coat Of Varnish And Leave It

The second coat will go on heavier than you perhaps or used to, but this time more of it will be left than is wiped away. Use a clean cotton cloth rather than a brush, because this is easier to control than brushing for most people. After you have coated the surface with circular strokes, wipe the finish gently in the direction of the grain. Focus on leveling the varnish without wiping it off. Then let it dry over the course of a night.

The Next Day

Add four to six light coats of varnish using a circular motion. Then rub the surface with steel wool and then wax it achieve an even, lustrous sheen that will enhance your furniture.

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