What Your Front Door Color Says About You

Front Door Color

The color of your front door can say a lot about you.

While many people in every neighborhood stick to plain front door colors, others use them as an opportunity for self-expression and creativity. First impressions do matter, so what first impression is your front door color giving to the world?

Pale or Pastel Blue

If your door is painted this charming shade, it indicates that you are hopeful and positive, like the sunny sky that it represents. Friends tend to flock to your house for helpful advice and a good laugh.

Deep Dramatic Blue

A bold blue is a classic choice that indicates the owner has a love for both modernity and history. Your living room might be a mishmash of modern furniture and old family heirlooms. This front door color is great for people who are peaceful and dedicated to their principals.

Sunny Yellow

Yellow is the perfect front door color for people with loads of personality. Most people with this hue are morning people who are go-getters around the clock. Your house is known to be the brightest and cheeriest on the block, and your personality falls right in line with it.

Bright Pink

Bright or pastel pink is a very dramatic choice of front door color, and it shows that you love the classic romance and glamour of pink. Bright pink is great for people who are thoughtful and generous.

Bold Red

Bright red is a color that will pop from the street and let everyone know whose house it is. Chances are, you love to entertain guests and family and you are known for your split-second hospitality if any visitors drop by. You love history and non-fiction and have stacks and stacks of books.


This is perhaps the most dramatic and subtle of front door colors and it is full of timeless elegance and mystery. You aren’t taken by any fads or trends and you love a crisp button-down and shaken martini.

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