Exterior Doors and How the Sun Affects Them

sunlight and how it impacts exterior doors

Sunlight has a significant impact on exterior doors.

Sunlight has a significant impact on exterior doors. Exterior doors face exposure to indoor and outdoor elements. Changing temperatures and seasonal moisture play a factor in the appearance and longevity of exterior doors. Anyone who maintains a beautiful home understands the importance of their front door. The look of entryway doors can attract potential homebuyers, or they can serve as a warm welcome for friends and family. Today we’re going to discuss how the sun affects exterior doors. We’ll also provide tips on how to protect your front door from the heat of the sun. 

How Do You Know That Your Exterior Doors Have Seen Better Days?

It’s natural for weather and time to cause your door to show signs of aging. A traditional wood door, especially when it’s not maintained, can expand and contract due to changing weather patterns. An older door can swell so much to the point where closing and opening it may become challenging. Humid and wet weather exacerbates the swelling. You should neglect an aging door, especially if you notice drafts. Drafts make your home uncomfortable in the winter but can raise your power bill for air conditioning during the summer. 

Is It Possible to Protect A Front Door From the Weather?

Absolutely! Proper care and maintenance will protect a front door from the sun. Heat-resistant paint is useful and beneficial. Sealing the grain also protects against moisture. You can also use alternative materials. We will always be wood advocates. After all, we are a full-service lumber company. However, we believe in giving homeowners and contractors options. Fiberglass and steel doors are efficient alternatives. If you still prefer the look of wood, many materials can replicate the appearance of wood. It’s all in how you paint them. We understand how classic, charming, and all-American lumber is. 

A Guide: Choosing a New Front Door

Choosing a new front door goes beyond just the aesthetic appeal, although this factor matters a lot! You also want to think about how you’d like your door to perform. One way to decide what you want is to drive around the neighborhood. Take note of what doors stick out to you. Better yet, you can come into our showroom and see all the fantastic options that we have available. The beauty of picking out a front door is that it can be to your liking. You can be as creative, unique, traditional, and classic as you want to be, and that, within itself, is powerful. 

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