Essential Hand Tools and Accessories to Keep in Your Household Tool Kit

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There are a few essential hand tools that every DIYer is going to need

Today we’ll be talking about essential hand tools that you’ll need. No matter the size of your home, the odds are good that eventually, you’re going to need to try to DIY a fix for something. Homeowners take on all sorts of repair projects, from replacing window screens to replacing whole windows. Even renters often find that they have to tackle some projects themselves, often too small to be a landlord issue (like tightening that wonky doorknob). In any case, you should have a toolkit in your home that has the essentials in it in case of an emergency. But what are those essentials? Read on to find out the hand tools your home toolkit should have.


There are many, many sizes and styles of screwdrivers available, and while it is nice to have a selection, you need to make sure you have at least two: a basic flathead and a basic Philips head. You can get as fancy as you desire here with ratchet styles or interchangeable heads, but those two basic ones are the minimum.

Tape Measure

Trust us. Eventually, you’re going to have to measure something. It could be as simple as measuring the window’s width to buy new blinds or the width of the doorway to make sure that the couch that’s being delivered will fit through it. Either way, you’ll need a measuring tape. Go ahead and buy a 25′ one – better to have more than you need than less.


Levels are superstar tools. Without it, you’re going to spend forever hating the slightly off angle of that TV, picture, or shelf you hung on the wall.


Like with screwdrivers, make sure you have more than one here. It would help if you sprang for an assortment of pliers in various sizes and styles, including needle-nose, a vise grip, and wire cutting ones.


Sometimes, you need to hit something. No, whether you’re hanging pictures, putting up a baby gate, or realigning a sticking door, you’ll likely need a hammer. A medium-weight one will be good for most jobs, but make sure it’s not too heavy for you before you buy it.


Pencils? Yes, these days we write almost everything on the phone, but when you’re fixing something, you may need to make a mark – make sure you have a pencil handy to do it.

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