Easy Ways to Maintain Your Hardwood Flooring

Easy Ways to Maintain Your Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is more sensitive to cleaners and humidity than other materials. Here are some tips for maintaining your hardwood floors.

Hardwood flooring is beloved by many homeowners because of its natural beauty and how much warmth it can bring to a space. However, it is more sensitive to things like cleaners and humidity than some other types of flooring. Here are some of the most critical tips you should know to maintain your hardwood flooring properly. 

Vacuum Often

Sweeping on hardwood flooring can end up knocking dust and dirt into the grooves of the wood and the space between boards. As a result, vacuuming is often a better solution. To maintain your hardwood flooring, vacuum often. Any large crumbs that are left behind could scratch the surface of the wood if you walk across them. To get rid of anything that is left behind, you can use a microfiber mop or cloth that is dry. 

Choose the Right Cleaners

Hardwood flooring is beautiful, but you need to choose the right cleaners in order to preserve its beauty and not do damage to it. Depending on the type of finish that your flooring has, a different cleaner might be more appropriate than another. If you use the wrong substance, it will start to make the wood appear hazy and cloudy over time instead of vibrant. 

Avoid Using Moisture

In very rare cases, you might need to use a little bit of moisture to clean hardwood flooring. However, to maintain your hardwood flooring you should avoid using wet mops, water, and other damp tools to clean it. Wood can absorb this moisture, which may lead to warping and a broad variety of other issues. 

Maintain Stable Humidity Levels

Aside from what you do when you clean, another way to maintain your hardwood flooring is by keeping the humidity levels in your home stable and even. Dramatic fluctuations will lead the wood to expand and contract, which does serious damage over time. Cupping, gapping, cracking, and splitting may all leave your hardwood flooring looking lackluster. 

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