Door Installation: 4 Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Fisher Lumber has the experience and quality to ensure your door installation runs as smoothly as possible.

Fisher Lumber has the experience and quality to ensure your door installation runs as smoothly as possible. After remodeling a room or installing a new patio or deck, the finishing touch could be updating your door. Choose a manufacturer that sells quality products and will deliver to you the best materials to complete your construction and carpentry products. Here are some things to avoid when DIYing your door installation. 

Door Hinge and Hinge Screws

Each door deserves the right hinges and screws. If the door hinge and hinge screws do not fit properly, it can lead to problems down the line. If the hinge and screws are too small, the door may begin to drag on the floor. Hinges that are too big will look odd on the door. 

Don’t Screw too much!

Any wood project requires good work, not too much and not too little. If the screw is screwed in too tight, it will increase the tension in the wood and cause it to warp. A seamless fit is better than a tight fit. If using a drill, only screw until there is a change in tension. Same with a screwdriver. 

Why You Shouldn’t Choose the “Close Enough” Tools

Using the wrong tools in a carpentry project can damage the products you use. You can spend as much as you want on a quality door, but if mishandled, then you have lost some of that quality. For example, if the screwdriver does not fit the screw, it can remove the grooves and will become difficult to remove. Make sure you have the right tools. Use a ruler when lining up your door in the door frame. Preparation for any wood project can save you time later. 

Do-It-Yourself May Not Save as Much Time as You Think

Beginning a DIY project usually has the goal of saving time and money. However, improper installation can cost you more money to fix than it would to get the door installed by a professional initially. 

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