Deck Maintenance Tips for the Summer

summer deck maintenance

Summer weather will do a number on your deck. Make sure you’re prepared!

It’s no secret that wood decks require deck maintenance in order to stay beautiful and useful for the long term. Wood is a relatively high maintenance material that gives a beautiful natural look when properly cared for, making it highly popular. However, the amount of regular deck maintenance you will need to perform depends on a number of factors. These include where you live, the weather conditions, the size of your deck, how many kids you have do chores, and the material your deck is made from. Here are some deck maintenance tips to help you keep your deck looking like new.   

Keep Off Debris

Anyone who lives in a heavily wooded area or area with a lot of trees is always the first to know when pollen season arrives. For some people, pollen can ruin an outdoor event entirely, as it irritates them so heavily. However, it’s not just pollen that can harm your deck. The unchecked build up of any kind of debris can actually wear down a deck over time. Regularly hose down your deck with soap and water or keep it well swept to avoid this issue.

Watch For Pests

Warm weather means that hibernation season is over not only for mammals, but that bugs, insects, and other natural pests will be back in full swing. If you notice things such a wasps nest beginning to form, or ants, it’s key to nip these things in the bud. Ants may even try to enter your home through your deck. While composite materials are not at risk for termite infestations as wood decks are, they are still susceptible to hornets, spiders, and other such pests. It is crucial to deck maintenance to keep them at bay.

Match Your Decor To The Seasons

While plants and bird feeders are ideal for the summer and spring, these will not survive the colder months very well and just serve to clutter up your deck. Certain kinds of decking are vulnerable to discoloration from rubber backed mats, hoses, and pool toys, while capped composite decking is not. Make sure to know your deck’s strengths and weaknesses to get the best seasonal uses out of it.

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