Deck Lighting Options

outdoor deck lighting

Outdoor lighting makes a deck more appealing as well as safer.

Deck lighting not only beautifies your deck and accentuates the design elements, it also makes your deck safer. Outdoor lighting is an important element of design and is often the final finishing touch that really makes your deck look impressive. Here are a few lighting ideas for your deck. Talk to our deck designers today to incorporate deck lighting into your design!

Step Lighting

Underlighting on your steps gives them an ethereal glow and makes the entrance to your deck all the more inviting. It also prevents stumbling on stairs in the dark and could prevent injury from a fall. You can set a timer for your lights or install solar-powered lights that will light up automatically when it gets dark. This type of lighting is not only gorgeous and safe, but also simple!

Outdoor Fireplace or Wood Stove

An outdoor fireplace or wood stove is an investment that is sure to impress and entertain for years to come. Not only does a fireplace or wood stove add an impressive element to your deck, it also extends the seasons that you can spend outdoors by providing a source of heat. Plus, it provides light to gather around! What’s not to like?

Task Lighting

Good lighting will extend the hours you spend outdoors on your deck. If you also plan on doing tasks like grilling or swimming, you want to have adequate lighting to keep you safe and comfortable. Consider installing strategic lighting in areas where you know you will need light after the sun sets.

Railing Lighting

Having lighting near or on your railings is a good way to let others know where the boundaries are on your deck. This is especially important for when you are entertaining guests for a late night party. People who are less familiar with your deck are more likely to bump into parts that they can’t see at night. Making sure your deck is adequately lit is a good way to prevent embarrassment and even injury.

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