Builders Should Opt for Engineered Lumber for Hardwood Floors

engineered lumber

Engineered lumber is a top choice amongst builders because it provides homeowners with hardwood floors that are guaranteed to be spectacularly long-lasting.

When penning out the architectural build of a new home design with a family, take into consideration using engineered lumber for hardwood floors rather than solid wood. Engineered lumber is a family-friendly choice through Fisher Lumber because it provides homeowners with engineered hardwood floors that are guaranteed to be spectacularly long-lasting with the luster of real wood without all the pitfalls. Since engineered lumber is incredibly durable, insect-resistant, and rot-resistant, it’s a long term investment for homeowner’s to ensure the beauty of their homes. Here’s a few reasons why builders should opt for engineered lumber for hardwood floors.

What is Engineered Lumber?

Engineered lumber looks a lot like solid wood when placed side-by-side for comparison. Engineered lumber features hardwood that’s been bonded by a high-quality plywood layer, which increases its durability in comparison to solid wood alone. High-quality engineered lumber can last for over 30 years when it is maintained properly, and can often be an incredibly affordable option for homeowners in comparison to solid wood floors. Engineered lumber is an low-cost, high-quality option for builders who want to beautify their homes without sacrificing quality. 

Engineered Lumber Resists Water and Heat 

Engineered lumber is more superior to solid wood when it comes to water and heat resistance. Due to it’s thick plywood base that protects the thin hardwood layer, it resists against moisture and humidity within a house. This can help your floors appear more picture-perfect for years to come, no matter how much wear and tear they may receive. 

Insect-Resistant and Rot-Resistant

Since there are binding materials that hold engineered lumber together, these binding materials protect the thin layer of hardwood within the lumber. This makes for stronger floors that are not only insect-resistant, but rot-resistant as well. You can rely on Fisher Lumber for all of your engineered lumber needs, with a variety of finishes and brands to choose from. Reach out to Fisher Lumber today for all of your engineered hardwood flooring needs!

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