3 Classic Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Deck Railings

deck railings

How do you know when it’s time to replace your deck railings?

Whether your deck is a bit weatherworn between humid Maryland summers and frigid, snowy winters or your deck railings simply just aren’t looking brand new, you should consider replacing your deck railings. Fisher Lumber has the best decking materials available in Maryland, including PVC handrails and endurance railings. How do you know when it’s time to replace your deck railings? Fisher Lumber can help even the newest of homeowner’s to understand these top three classic signs that it’s time to replace your deck railings.

Shaky Railings

Your railings shouldn’t ever shake or move when pressure is applied to them, even if you are using your railings to go up a flight of stairs. Shaky railings are a classic, telltale sign that your deck railings need to be replaced. They are also incredibly dangerous and hazardous to family homes that have children, pets, elderly, or postal workers. Shaky railings represent a fall risk to anyone who applies their body weight against them. For your protection, it’s best to have them replaced.

Rotted Railings with Visible Damage

Rotted railings might appear tinged with shades of green, be off-coloured, and look weather-worn in comparison to the exterior of your home. Rotted railings are often a sign that your deck railings are in need of replacement and that they’re internally compromised. Since weather-rot can ultimately end up detaching your railings from your deck, it’s important to contact Fisher Lumber immediately for an evaluation.

Railings with Insect Damage

Termites, carpenter bees, and all sorts of insects are attracted to natural wood decking. This includes your railings! Deck railings with insect damage (like drilling holes, bitten areas) are viable for replacement or even repair. You should consider upgrading your railings to an option that is made of composite materials rather than natural wood. This can help repel insects away from your home. Fisher Lumber can help. Contact us today!

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