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By Randolph Graham 22 May, 2017
With the weather becoming more pleasant you may be thinking about starting a new home renovation project. Before you think about rejuvenating your kitchen or living room with a new pop of color, we are are going to run through a list of home painting supplies you need for this process. So put on some old clothes, make a fun playlist, open your windows and let’s explore the necessities for painting.

Think of the Prep

Before getting to the best part of painting your walls there is some prep work that goes into prepping walls and getting the right supplies. Assess your walls for holes, if you see any you’ll have to purchase sparkle and spatula. If the walls in your home are covered in old paint consider getting a metal paint scraper to peel off cracking paper or sand paper to even out bumps or rough spots.

After examining the walls for inconsistencies like bumps, patches or holes, remember you should clean your walls before painting. Dust collects on surfaces, even walls. Use mild soap and water to clean debris off the wall, use a sponge to gently wash the wall. Next, you’ll need is painter’s tape to protect corners, outlets, and lights to achieve clean edges. The next item for prep you’ll need is a good primer, a primer layers over any existing color to give you a clean slate to paint.

Think of the Brushes

There are a few different kinds of brushes you should consider purchasing with your home painting supplies before beginning a paint job that may be useful to you. While a paint roller frame and covers may seem like the most obvious choice and are responsible for doing some of the bigger work it’s important to include to other types of brushes on your list. An angled paintbrush used to paint corners and a 3-inch flat paint brush used for painting the border near a taped off area are essential.

Think of the Small Details

There are a few items that sometimes slip people’s minds while preparing for a paint job and those are covers for your floor and paint trays. Canvas tarps or plastic drop cloths work well to protect floors and furniture and are essential to any painting project. Last but not least, don’t forget to grab a few paint trays for pouring color into, these are better than dipping right into paint cans to avoid contamination.

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